PFH Filter



PFH Filter Ltd. has been producing High Quality filter, coalescer & separator elements for fuels, gasses & technological fluids since 1959.

PFH ltd. was established as a company in 1995, as a continuation of a family tradition in manufacturing dating back to 1959 in former Yugoslavia. Its main activity is the production of filters, coalescer and separator elements for fuels and gases, as a high quality replacement for FAUDI, PALL, PERRY, VELCON, etc.

On the basis of many years of experience in working with Croatian oil companies, we are capable of designing and producing elements for specific or demanding processing conditions, with an extended filter life.

We use the newest and best quality filter materials used by global leaders in the industry, which guarantee certified filtering parameters. We offer customized filter materials for specific processing conditions.

ISO 9001 certified production process and a reliable manufacture warranty assure the quality of the filter parts.

We constantly adopt new sorts of filter elements, in order to offer the best quality services and products.